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Art of Texas Studio & Gallery



Jamie Rood's studio & gallery has a production and small gallery space. Located at in north-central Austin, the Center was once a hub of activity for the nieghborhood and served as the production center for the film 'Dazed and Confused'.

Art Of Texas began as a community of dedicated working local artists looking for a place to discuss and show thier work. The group has since disbanded, but the same spirit of helping each other grow will continue in our events and artist services - welcome :)

Please note: most of the links and sub-pages are outdated, updates later...

Studio & Gallery

Midtown Austin in the Violet Crown Shopping Center

820 Brentwood Street

@ corner of Lamar & Brentwood - Google Places with Map

Gallery Suite 820 - hours vary.
Artwork by Jamie Rood on display.





Jamie Rood - Photographic Artist & Owner

Mariela Gunera - Admin Assistant

Dan Allison Reid - Production Assistant